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*** Now, this app also supports wired microphone (for Android version 6.0 or above)!


Google Play Description:

This application is to wireless connect your phone to a bluetooth speaker, or line out connect to amplified speaker. That is, your Android device becomes the microphone and the bluetooth speaker becomes a remote loudspeaker.

What can you do with a microphone and remote loudspeaker? Who needs this mic and remote loudspeaker? Some examples are:
- sing karaoke at home or anywhere, ***
- teaching in classroom,
- speaker in a conference room,
- garage sale, outdoor sale, pop-up store sale, all kind of big sales,
- tour guide at the hot spot,
- outdoor activities,
- parties, exhibitions, celebrations and many more cases.
With this app, you have a wireless microphone in your pocket!

*** User can put this app as background job (click on the bottom square button), then run YouTube or any music app. Choose any music and sing karaoke! To end the loudspeaker, go back to this app and click BlueMic or LineOut again.

1. You need to have a bluetooth speaker which can wireless connect to your Android device. The maximum loudness is depends on your output of the speaker. To make it loud with less echo voice, also turn your phone volume to 90% maximum.
2. To reduce voice echo, make sure your device come with both noise suppressor and echo canceler. Do not turn to 100% maximum volume.
3. Bluetooth Loudspeaker also support line out to amplified speaker (requires 3.5mm audio cable), or line headphone (please choose 3-pin jack headphone). This app does not support bluetooth headset.
4. (version 2.0) When phone rings, phone bluetooth will disconnect with the bluetooth speaker. User has to manually turn it on and bluetooth connect the speaker again when call ends.

1. Voice latency - when compare bluetooth connect to speaker, and line out to speaker, you will found that there is some latency when using bluetooth. This is bluetooth and hardware limitations, not a bug.
2. Echo - to avoid or reduce echo voice, deivce should come with echo cancellation processor. Also, user should not stay too close to the microphone!



main screen voice recording list
YouTube karaoke  



1.0 - July, 2016 . Initial version.

1.1 - Aug, 2016.

2.5 - Dec, 2016.

3.0 - 2017.

3.1 - Oct, 2018 Current version.