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Bluetooth Headset Voice Recorder (Android)

- Record your voice from remote bluetooth headset.

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Play Store description:

This app is to make remote voice recording through bluetooth headset. That is, user can put Android device in pocket, or on tripod stand, and make voice recording using bluetooth earbuds. User can walk away from Android device up to 10 meters (or bluetooth connection range) to make live voice recording.

Compare this app with Android built-in voice recorder, this app supports bluetooth headset, wired headset and default device built-in microphone all-in-one.

What this app can do for you?
Make YouTube video, podcast audio, recording in meetings, interviews, lectures, classes, briefings, voice reminder memo, etc. Simplify your recording tasks with no time record limitation.

Put the Android phone in your pocket, user can walk around anywhere indoor or outdoor. E.g. Walking, running, driving, cycling, shopping, performance stage and so on. Now, you can make your live voice recording from remote bluetooth headset with both hands free.

If you are a YouTuber and making video by yourself, your GoPro or drone or camcorder may take video and another Android may take audio with using this app. Then combine the video and audio track through video editing software.

- Able to work in background mode. User can go to check calendar or contacts, etc, and then go back to the app stop recording.
- Able to pause during recording. This can help user skip unnecessary interruption.
- Good quality for human voice and optimize for audio file size - use standard 44100Hz, 128bits sampling rate, wav file format for recording. All video or audio software will support this standard wav format for further post processing.
- Able to save audio file to internal storage, or send it out by email, Google drive, bluetooth connect, social network, etc.
- Sorting by date, with default date time as file name. Able to rename the audio file such as class9a_eng2.wav.
- Also show duration and file size of the recorded file.

Read Me:
1. This app is NOT able to record phone call, since some countries will restricted this usage due to privacy issue. In Android, audio uses separate audio streams for streaming audio, alarm clock, system notification, incoming call ringer, voice in-call, and DTMF tones. This app will
only use streaming audio for voice recording.

2. This app supports A2DP bluetooth headset only, which is the most popular type of headset for listening streaming music. This type of headset is usually comes with left and right pair. Old type HSP/HFP bluetooth headset are not supported.

3. To make better voice quality sound file, user should use a good quality headphone that come with noise suppression and echo cancellation. Poor quality headphone will record unwanted background noise. Recommend to use Huawei, Sony, Samsung, JBL and other high quality bluetooth earbuds.

4. When using wired headset microphone for recording and exit to the home screen, any YouTube music audio or device mp3 music play, will also record in the same recording. That means, user can sing like karaoke and make your own voice and music record at the same time. However, using bluetooth headset mic or device built-in mic will NOT have this feature.

5. It is suggest to install this app in Android device internal storage, instead of sd-card. Before making long duration voice recording, remember to check to have enough storage space.



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1.0 - Sep 12, 2020. Initial version.

2.2 - Feb 2021. Current version.