Blessing Widget (iPhone)

Bluetooth Headset Voice Recorder (Android)

Front Back Dual Cam (iPhone)

Headset Remote (Live Listen for Android)

Bluetooth Loudspeaker (iPhone)

Pocket Notepad

Bluetooth Loudspeaker (Android)

iSelfie Two - remote selfie video cam

vPhotoGrid - video to photogrid

Map Snap, with Google Maps

Password Pattern

iSelfie - wireless remote selfie camera

Man Utd post match comments and rating

Contact Profile Pictures


Unreal Fly Through

VR Sky Fly

VR Fly Fast

Cats in Black

Gold Rush 1848




12. Why we stop service of iSelfie, iSelfie Two, Pocket Notepad, and removed them from Apple app store

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7. What is an indie?

6. How to promote iPhone apps/games?

5. About the second app, Contact Profile Pictures

4. About the first app, Man Utd post match comments and rating

3. About the first game, Gold Rush 1848. Why using Flash to create games?

2. Working as an indie (independent software developer)

1. Why iOS platform, no Android?